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RedHero Game Rules

All prints can be sent to the official page or right here in the group. We can add new rules over time , so stay tuned in our group/site RedHero © 2013 ~ 2017

1. Administrator

King Master Can do what he want

2. Flood

Normal Chat +6 lines Muted 1 Hour

World Channel Flood 4 Lines(+100 Online = 2 Lines) Banned 1 Hour

/duel flood Muted 1 Hour

/gwar flood Leader and Officers Muted 2 Hours

3. Abusive

Bad Language Muted 24 Hours

Extreme Bad Language Banned 5 Days

Bad Word in nickname/IGN Notification + Account deleted

Offense to a player (Racist or xenophobia) Banned 1-7 Days

Abusive Prices Banned 1-5 Days or Muted 2 Days

4. Selling/Trade

Sell Account/Trade Accounts Banned Forever

Disclose/Promoting non stercore servers Banned Forever

Selling Redeem Codes Banned 1 Week (Code is Free for All)

5. Account

Free Kill Banned and Reset Kills to 0

Account Hacked Banned 1 Month

Last Update: Sunday, May 21, 2017 | 21/05/2017