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RedHero Game Rules

All prints can be sent to the official page or in the group.
We can add new rules over time , so stay tuned in our group/site

1 Game Rule Guardian Administrator
1.1 Offenses to server Permanent BAN Permanent BAN
1.2 Discuss the trading or selling of game-accounts Ban Decide
2 Chat Rule Guardian Administrator
2.1 Spam or Flood Ban Decide
2.2 General Rudeness (Being intentionally rude to another person) Ban Decide
2.3 Chat Trolling to extents beyond actual trolling Ban Decide
2.4 Inappropriate behavior Ban Decide
2.5 Unapproved Links Ban Decide
2.6 Rioting Ban Decide
2.7 Threats Ban Decide
2.8 Discrimination/Racism Ban Decide
2.9 DDOS, death or malicious threats Ban Decide
2.10 No using 3rd party software (bots) Ban Decide
2.11 Only speak English/Portugues (so our mods know what you're saying) Ban Decide
2.12 No Drama Ban Decide