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Welcome to all the Heroes!

RedHero is a completely free-to-play online MMORPG that will surely know how to keep you busy! RedHero is updated weekly, with new events and items, to keep all of the active members on the run! Be sure to bring your friends with you, because it's one hell-of-a-ride!

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All Heroes want to be suited with a great name and a great level of experience! Well you can do so too! Simply ./join Getxp and kill the monsters there. To double your experience points, ./join Silvio and spin your luck to get an XP Boost. You can also ./join Outset and open Ragnar's Class shop, which contains multiple Boosts for the price of HeroCoins. Also, to rank up your classes like a pro, ./join Underground and kill the monsters spawning in the map. You can also get a Class Point booster to double your in-come in Ragnar's Class Shop.

Exclusive items!
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The trading aspect of the game is a one-of-a-kind option. It gives the possibility to exchange/buy/sell your HeroCoins and items to other players. To trade with other players, simply click on their characters, open the selection tab and press on the ''Trade'' option. This also features a Market, from which you can access through the main-page of the game's website. To post your own items in the Market, simply ./join yulgar, and click on Tsunade, which can be found by a blue exclamation mark. P.S. If you don't know the price of an item, or you feel like you're missing something in the trade, feel free to communicate with other players and exchange your opinions on certain prices.

Weekly update!
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What are HeroCoins?

HeroCoins are the main source of income in RedHero. They can be used in shops or to trade with other players. To obtain HeroCoins freely, simply ./join Farm, and complete the two first quests available. You can also farm the Lil Giroud Pet, which can be found in ./join Outset, on the Nulgath NPC. This pet also gives HeroCoins. To get the requirements, you must: ./join Nexus and kill the Undeads, then ./join Goldenexile and kill the Draconians. Although this may be a free feature, HeroCoins can also be purchased with REAL MONEY by accessing the website's Shopping Cart of RedHero. The money goes to support the game developers and to keep the server up and healthy! For any more questions about the HeroCoins system, ask any player in-game, they are sure to be alot of answers given.