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You can farm Hero Coins in /join Farm, World Bosses and Trading?
Level Up in /join getxp, /join fanworld, /join orc, /join thravine (deadchewer QUEST) and /join training
You can get Boost (XP, Coin, Rep and Cp) in /join blackhorn by killing Resless Undead monster or /join training and complete the quest Training Support.
You can farm basic Enhancement at /join trainers
You can farm Chunchunmaru at /join trainers, accept and complete the quest or you can either buy them if you have Hero Coins at Cleric Joy shop located in the Game Menu.
Stay active at the discord server for redeem codes and more.
Redeem code click by clicking Features > Redeem Code (near to skill icons).
You can farm Boss Blood and Boss Souls at the World Bosses or trading/market.
You can get XP Token in /join newbie by killing Lady Knight and Sir Knight monster or /join training and killing any monster in the map.
You can get VIP by claiming daily or buying at the Store