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Hero Coins can be farmed in /join Farm, World Bosses or Trading.
Level Up in /join getxp, /join fanworld, /join orc, /join thravine (deadchewer QUEST) and /join training To level up, players can go to /join getxp, /join fanworld, /join orc, /join thravine (deadchewer QUEST) or /join training to gain experience and increase their character's level. This will unlock new features and abilities in the game.
Boosts for XP, Coins, Reputation, and Class Points can be obtained by killing Resless Undead monsters at /join blackhorn or by completing the Training Support quest at /join training.
You can farm basic Enhancement at /join trainers
Chunchunmaru can be farmed at /join trainers by accepting and completing the quest, or players can buy them with Hero Coins at Cleric Joy's shop in the Game Menu.
To redeem codes, players should stay active on the game's discord server for the latest codes and information. To claim a redeem code, players can go to Features > Redeem Code near the skills section of the game.
Boss Blood and Boss Souls can be farmed at World Bosses or obtained through trading or the market.
XP Tokens can be obtained by killing Lady Knight and Sir Knight monsters at /join newbie or by killing any monster at /join training.
VIP and Hero status can be obtained by claiming daily rewards or purchasing them at