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you can trade your items or HeroCoins with other online players or in the market. To trade with someone else player click on his avatar and click on "Trade" option bellow the "char page" button to use the market system get into Yulgar and talk to the NPC with blue button see the items being sold in the Market.

Hero Coins


Let's talk about how do the RedHero finance works. It's totally FREE TO PLAY server even HCs/ACs are Free you may get these in the /join Farm or getting the 'lil giroud" pet therefore HeroCoins is important and also you may buy for Real Money at the RedHero Store and Promotional Items... go to the next step to learn more about RedHero finances.



A honorable hero need a high level right? well you can up your level in /join Outset killing some undead monsters, then above the level 100 you may get into Saloon to kill some bandits. using Exp Boost as usual, buy the Exp boost at Outset or drop these in the undead monsters. By the way you will get some Rank for your classes and the best place to Rank up your classes is at /join UndergroundA, B or C.

Exclusive items!
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RedHero is completely free to play, it is an online in-browser MMORPG that will surely keep you busy! RedHero is updated weekly with all kinds of brand new adventures for you to embark on! Be sure to bring your friends for this.. You will need them!

Weekly update!
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