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All Heroes want to be suited with a great name and a great level of experience! Well, you can do so too! Simply /join newbie, click on "Training" button. Newbie offers farming for different groups of levels. You can farm XP depending on your level. For example, if your level is between 1-50, you would farm in the 1-50 room, and so on. To double your experience points, finish the "Training Support" quest in Newbie to get XP boosts.


The trading aspect of the game is a one-of-a-kind option. It gives the possibility to exchange/buy/sell your HeroCoins and items to other players. To trade with other players, simply click on their characters, open the selection tab and press on the ''Trade'' option. The trading system is well secured when putting items/coins in because both traders need to click "lock" and also "deal". If you don't know the price of an item, or you feel like you're missing something in the trade, feel free to communicate with other players and exchange your opinions on certain prices. Advice: make sure to check the trade very carefully to avoid getting scammed.

What are HeroCoins?

HeroCoins are the main source of income in RedHero. They can be used to purchase in shops or to trade with other players. To obtain HeroCoins freely, simply /join Farm, and complete the quests. Farm offers various kinds of quests with different HeroCoins rewards amount. Each quest takes time depending on the amount of reward it gives. Although this may be a free feature, HeroCoins can also be purchased with REAL MONEY by accessing the website's Shopping Cart of RedHero ( The money goes to support the game developers and to keep the server up and healthy! For any more questions about the HeroCoins system, ask any support player in-game, they are sure to be a lot of answers given, or you can join our discord by clicking on the blue "HELP" button.

1st GOLDEN SHINE | Results

Congrats to all WinnersPrizes and Badges will be added to the account of the winnersComing Soon 2nd..

View Friday, September 02, 2016
New Boss

Sand Frask invaded Western! help..

View Thursday, September 01, 2016
FINALLY! Week 5 Raffle Ticket *RESULTS*

Congrats to all WinnerCarboniferous (XX)Miltonius (XX)10,000,000Hcs + Shadow Faberge (SPECIAL..

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3rd Quibble Update

Buy Armor, Weapons, Helmets and more. the quibble comes with the best items they surely will be..

View Thursday, August 04, 2016

Nature is unsettled and for good reason too. Some type of demonic force has crept up in these..

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View Friday, July 15, 2016
Week 4 (Raffle Ticket) RESULTS

Congrats to all WinnerXSavier (Philippines)jeao (Spain)XPLICIT (Brazil)Dage the Ultimate ..

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Village: Hael Kingdom I

A new history starts to be written from this map Eros attack is just the beginning of a large and..

View Sunday, June 26, 2016
Legend Wheel (effects weapons)

available one of the most overated items of all house redhero, the Legend Wheel offers you some..

View Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Yulgar Hair Shop UPDATE

New hairs added in yulgar hair shop :)you asked and brought us new hair to equip with your..

View Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Faberge Russian *RARE PET*

New Rare Pet Ultra Rarity Available in Outset Limited Shop +50 OnlyShopLimited..

View Sunday, June 19, 2016
Dage & Limited Update

New Npc Dage The Evil at Legion and New LIMITED QUANTITY SHOP :D oh yeah New amazing items New Shop..

View Thursday, June 16, 2016
*June Rare NPC*


View Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Raffle Ticket *RESULTS*

Congrats to all Winnerhz_asa_123 (Indonesia)the_rittlen (Philippines)Mastercaster (United..

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Raffle Ticket 2 *RESULTS*

Congrats to all WinnerTitanZ (Philippines)rukito673 (Indonesia)jeb (Philippines)hz_asa_123 ..

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