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Rap Hael
Monday, June 12, 2017

Raffle Ticket Accumulative *RESULTS*

Congrats to all Winner
    Lines Beret (SPECIAL RARE) has been added to the accounts of the winners and +1,9M herocoins
      Coming soon next Raffle

    (New) Astronaut Set Quest
    Do you like astronaut? Want to be one? Complete the new mission in moon to get a cool..

    Week 11 (Raffle Ticket) Last Raffle!
    Congrats to all Winner Mimi Kitagami (Serbia) envidia (Finland) ares123425 ..

    New Enhancements +100!
    New Enhancements +100 in /join trainers Novos Enhancements +100 em /join trainers

    Sunday Event: OutForest
    an invasion to outset is coming. with this you can help us defeat the invaders that are..

    New Boss
    Sand Frask invaded Western! help protect

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