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Rap Hael
Friday, September 08, 2017

Week 12 Raffle Ticket *RESULTS*

Congrats to all Winner
    Pink Inu Ken Pet (SPECIAL RARE) has been added to the accounts of the winners and +4,5M herocoins
      Coming soon next Raffle

    Sunday Event: Orehyub
    New nation event arrived at redhero go and get the new items before they gone.New..

    New event arrived in Midgard! Sasuke-kun need your help to defeat Momoshiki. Let's..

    Week 7 *Results* *Updating*
    Congrats to all Winner Anjo Matheus (Brazil) Volcane (Algeria) Kathool ..

    1st WEEK Golden Shine | START
    Chooise your Winner Below | Only 2 Winners Prizes: 2M HCS + 50M Gold Loading poll...

    New Event: Toxic Area
    New event arrives RedHero Toxic Area it's a toxic area with bizarre creatures and nice..

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