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Rap Hael
Friday, February 09, 2018

2018 Raffle Ticket *Results*

Congrats to all Winner
    • elf (Phillipines)
    Gamma Blue Beret has been added to the accounts of the winners and +5M herocoins
      Congrats to all Winners.

    New Class
    2 New Class Added in Class Shop /join Outset Rangar NPC.

    New Helms in Tyrion!
    New Helms added in Npc Tyrion /join outset

    New Event: Yulgar Infernal
    New Event on Yulgar Arrived... Yulgar was invaded by evil, We need your help to fight..

    1st part of the new event is now available for everyone! /join fireforest purchase new..

    New Boss
    Water Frask invaded Pirate! help protect

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