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Update notes 07 July 2018

Saturday, July 07, 2018 by  Calesvol Avatar   Calesvol

Gameplay Update Notes
Hello, as everyone knows redhero is updating constantly today i will be listing few small updates

Help Button addedItems converted to HeroCoinsRemoved Gold2000+ Items rarities updated
[Newbie]Quests RecreatedNew NPC Senju HashiramaNew NPC Senju TobiramaNew NPC Hiruzen SarutobiNew NPC Namikaze Minato
[Yulgar]Birthday theme removedNew NPC Tsunade Senju
[Account Recovery]Recreated and Reactivated
[Account Character]Change character page Background URL reactivatedChange character page Cover URL reactivated
[Store Donation]RecreatedEmail confirmation
[Market]Recreated and ReactivatedAdded Last purchasesAdded Rarirty orderSearch faster
[Redeem List]Added Copy button