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Pink Disaster 2022

9 months ago Z Avatar

Continuation: As the hero saved Rap, he and Dae will now lived happily ever after.


1 Year Later, Rap co-owns businesses in the entire Midgard and he just want a cup of coffee in the nearby shop that he own, as he reached there he was swarmed with all the pink. The hero forgot to remove all the pinks in the land and make RH back to normal. You (the hero) have been asked by Rap to save the business by removing all the monsters in the area. And you will be guided by the Lovebucks Manager Z, help her by finding who is behind all of this and save RH once and for all!

Chained old maps:

  • - pinktown
  • - pink
  • - rapsdream
  • - pinkish (bossmap)
  • - lovebucks