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  • Level 750
  • Health 25,000
  • Mana 500
  • Respawn time 10 seconds
  • Total kills 0x

Location & Dialog

yulgar RightDeck/join yulgar

1. Hi Good day! how may I help you? pp. 1/2 Ebillab Merge pp. 2/2 Blackclub November

2. I just built this Artificial Intelligence but now it is disobeying my commands, can you help me neutralize this program at /Ebillab and I will give you rewards later on. (Continue Blackclub November)

3. Halloween may be over but there are still shadow lingering around Midgard. Kindly slay those giants in VoidPirate, Ebillab and Actual to get more rewards.

snowglobe Enter/join snowglobe

1. Oh Hello peasant-- I- I- mean Hero! Welcome back to Corrupted Snowglobe. The Red Fog comes again to destroy Holidays and It is up to you again to restore it!

town RightEdge/join town

1. Oh hey Hero, you want shop? Okay here's one for yo-- I-i meant two. FACT: You can win Silver HCs and Golden HCS by Participating in Zora's Contest. More Details of the Contests / Events will be given at the Discord Page so Stay Tuned about it.

party Area4/join party

1. Hi. I'm just happy to be here...

VoidPirate Enter/join VoidPirate

1. Hero, I have a quest for you to help Void Linak in VoidEntity by entering a secret ship that's the only way to get there and neutralized the pirates there including their commander.